BFT Gate Barrier

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    BFT Barrier Features

    • BFT Barrier U-Control: A new Android App that, in just a few
      simple steps, shows the potential of U-SDK in the
      service and commercial sector.
    • BFT Barrier U-Base 2: facilitates the management of a system
      interconnected via U-Link, allowing you to control
      the automation parameters.
    • BFT Barrier U-SDK: the system integrators can make other
      brands of home automation systems dialogue with
      Bft products interconnected in a U-link network.
    • Range of BFT barriers for intensive use, able to manage useful passages of up to 8 m.
      The wide range of accessories, incorporated flashing light and the arrangement for installing photocells
      make them ideal in any context.
    • Central control unit of BFT Barrier with U-Link, programming display and incorporated two-channel radio receiver fitted in
      the top of the unit for easier access.
    • Limit switch system with electronic adjustment that speeds up installation and ensures maximum precision of movement of BFT Barrier.
    • Backup battery power supply system, installable on-board unit.
    • IP54 protection rating of BFT Barrier.

    BFT Barrier Applications

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