Parking Guidance System

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    Parking Guidance System

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    Parking Guidance System

    Ultrasound guidance system is a set of helping owners quickly find free parking, its working principle mainly by ultrasonic detectors parking vehicles parked, the data collected through the guidance screen, display free parking number, at the same time for owners to see the area of free parking for the first time by parking lights installed in front of parking lot. This system can effectively help owners quickly seek to the nearest parking space, so as to alleviate the pressure of the traffic in the parking lot.

    Features of Maxwell Parking Guidance System MAX-1310


    Each parking space being equipped with an ultrasound sensor and a signalling light / monitoring of the parking spaces occupancy / providing drivers with information on the car park current occupancy / guiding vehicles to the nearest vacant parking spaces / PLC serial communication (PowerLine Communication) / modular structure of the system / a possibility to install the system on a steel C-profiles construction (pendant rails) or on the ceiling (including the mounting into the ceiling)

    • Basic Type:
      entirely autonomous system of independent sensors and lights designed for the signalling of the occupancy
      of parking spaces, without information displays and communication with the server
    • Autonomous Type:
      parking guidance system without the server, entirely independent operation (the autonomous solution is limited by
      the use of one control unit to which more than 2000 ultrasound sensors can be connected)
    • Standard Type:
      the version of parking guidance system including the server and client control software designed for the full
      control of the car park, with an option to extend the system by illustrative 3D visualization of the car park
      occupancy (there can be used more control units in the standard solution)
    • Full Equipment Type:
      the version extending the standard type of the parking guidance system by a database with an option to create
      analytical reports

    GPP PGS2 Cu – a node unit that organizes communication with displays and sensors and transfers data on these devices to the server / GPP PGS2 Switch – an active unit that divides communication to several independent lines and brings power supply to them / GPP PGS2 Li – a two – or three-coloured signalling light / GPP PGS2 Sen – an ultrasound sensor for the detection of a vehicle in the parking space / GPP PGS2 DiPLC – a display consisting of different types of imaging modules

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